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As the use of cloud services continues to grow, enterprise architects and infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders should use seven key elements to create a pragmatic cloud strategy for their organizations. “A cloud strategy is critical for every organization and should be a concise point of view on cloud and its role in the organization,” said Raj Bala, senior research director at Gartner, Inc. “Moving to cloud...
As government agencies, businesses, and individuals continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic's ongoing disruption, no one would have predicted the impact of innovation and digital transformation across the global landscape. Now, as the world prepares to head into the new year, analytics leader SAS' most forward-thinking experts offer insights for using analytics to transform data into decisions that improve lives and results. Here...
It's more important than ever for professionals to work towards achieving specific career goals, especially in a post-pandemic world where tech skills will define their career trajectory. To help, Simplilearn, an online Bootcamp for digital economy skills training, recently launched their SkillUp initiative, a free learning platform to help individuals get started and chart their path to success in today's competitive work...
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