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Attract premium talent with high-impact recruitment advertising.


 Listed for 30 days

Includes standard distribution to 1.5M job seekers, featured on homepage, highlighted in search, promoted on social channels.



Listed for 60 days

Includes premium distribution to 2.5M job seekers, featured on homepage, highlighted in search, promoted to social channels.



Listed for 90 days

Includes extended distribution to 3.5M job seekers, featured on homepage, highlighted in search, promoted to social channels.



5 Jobs Per Month

Includes extended distribution to 3.5M active and passive job seekers. Monthly recurring membership - 2 month minimum.

$675.00 per month


Sponsored Content Article

Includes up to 1000 words advertiser written, backlink, native placement on Insights blog and promoted to social channels.



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Includes one Sponsored Content Article and Company Spotlight on homepage for 30 days.


Why Post Your Jobs on icrunchdata?

We understand that today’s competitive talent acquisition landscape requires a modern approach. Our tech job board platform is highly evolved with advanced distribution channels to reach both active and passive job seekers. We offer meaningful differentiators on a per job posting basis, including deep segmentation to target desired skills (01), location targeting to provide local market penetration (02), access to unique talent pools not found on other job sites (03) and ridiculously high user engagement (04) – all of which translates into optimal outcomes for your jobs and employer branding.

How It Works

We understand that there are organizational needs that range from small business, mid-market to enterprise, and varying budget considerations. The icrunchdata tech job board platform offers the flexibility and efficiency you need with a simple, self-serve checkout. You can quickly post tech jobs in three easy steps. Choose from three different job posting options – the Standard Post option for 30 days, the Premium Post option for 60 days and the Extended Post option for 90 days – which includes amplified distribution, featured placement on homepage, highlighted in search and promoted to our insights readers through native, email and social channels.

When your tech jobs hit the icrunchdata platform, they are location-targeted and skills-targeted. You can also uniquely tag your jobs with desired tech skills to optimize on-page SEO and on-platform search. With one-click apply for both desktop and mobile, candidates can be routed easily to any email address or ATS.

Interested in a high-volume monthly membership option? We've got you covered. Our talent solutions offer cost-effective pricing for automatic job postings by XML feed along with strategic employer branding plays that include content articles (with backlinks and featured images) on our Insights blog. Experience our truly modern approach for the evolved employer.

Why We're Better

In today’s era of digital transformation, it’s important to understand the latest talent acquisition strategies. While ATS software and job aggregators have firmly landed themselves as the bookends, the niche job boards and social platforms have both the content and audience. In particular, tech job boards remain a highly utilized and effective investment to reach desirable pockets of valuable tech talent.

However, the job board landscape has dramatically changed over recent years with big players consolidating and seeking alternatives to be acquired, which has created much chaos among niche and tech job boards and job sites. Here at icrunchdata, we remain nicely positioned, and have rapidly evolved our brand and offerings in the information technology (IT), tech and data space. And as talent becomes increasingly more challenging to procure, you’ll benefit from our next-level thinking and solutions that reach your target audience.

Our Audience

With deep brand awareness and niche positioning we continue to curate a healthy volume of active job seekers (see below 01) that take a proactive approach to search for jobs in technology. Though with heightened competition among employers to hire top talent, it's very important to have a solid strategy to attract passive job seekers, especially for the most highly skilled professionals in the technology workforce sector. Along with our modern approach to posting jobs in technology, we've also implemented many keen strategies to reach the passive job seeking talent pool (see below 02). By leveraging skills-based and interest-based content (such as editorial insights, thought leadership, events and trending topics in the industry), we've created a unique audience with ridiculously high engagement (see below 03). This provides the influence needed to get your job postings and employer branding actionable attention from these highly skilled tech professionals through many channels. Our platform uses skills-based tags that provide both on-site targeting and off-site distribution targeting. While this doesn’t guarantee results, it provides an intelligent methodology to reach both (passive and active) behavioral types of job seekers.

The icrunchdata tech job board platform offers a distinct and unique advantage to reach active and passive job seekers by leveraging our proprietary content platform as part of a cohesive talent acquisition strategy

Tech Job Board Audience Graph icrunchdata copyright

Our Engagement

Two of the most important metrics that provide insight into the quality of traffic on a site are Average Time on Page and Funnel Flow as they relate to the user experience (UX). So we've been thoughtful about developing a straightforward, effortless and totally secure platform for the diverse types of icrunchdata users that experience our site. As easy at that sounds, it takes an immense amount of web development to get right. Our team relentlessly collaborates to improve and evolve to meet the needs of these various user perspectives. Our Quick-Apply technology allows for a seamless job seeker UX and routes to the employer destination email or ATS. Our Quick-Post technology features a simple and efficient employer UX with only 3 steps to post your jobs. Our user engagement has an Average Time on Page of 3:30 minutes.

These key metrics are the cornerstone that which offers our employers the best value and highest quality traffic to their job postings and employer content. Whether your focus is job postings or employer branding initiatives, you'll find our site and audience to be dynamic, which creates the perfect ecosystem for your job postings and employer content to live.

Tech Job Board Engagement Graph copyright icrunchdata

Segments We Target

We help the world's most relevant brands build their influence through our tech job board platform. Our experience runs deep in all things Technology and Data. Here are some notable segments.

Analytics Artificial Intelligence (AI) B2B Technology
B2C Technology Big Data Biotech
Blockchain Business Intelligence (BI) Cybersecurity
Data Science Digital Transformation Fintech
Internet of Things (IoT) Machine Learning Martech
Tech Education (e.g. University Programs) Tech Innovations Venture News (e.g. Funding, Startups, M&A)


Industries We Serve

Built to serve all major industries and sectors, we help the world's best companies post tech jobs and run content on our premier platform. Find out how our innovative approach, extensive reach and unique positioning can be leveraged into the talent acquisition strategy of your business.

Consumer and Retail Financial Services Government
Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality and Entertainment
Insurance Life Sciences Manufacturing
Media and Advertising Nonprofit Professional and Business Services
Retail and Consumer Products Security and Defense Technology Hardware
Technology Software Travel and Transportation Utilities and Energy