Senior BI Analyst

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Burbank, CA, USA
  • Jul 29, 2019
Full-time A/B Testing Business Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) Data Analysis Digital Media Forecasting Market Research Python SQL Tableau

Job Description

The Direct-to-Consumer International (DTCI) segment of The Walt Disney Company is seeking a Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst, with a strong business acumen and the technical skills necessary to uncover and present insights for the product and marketing teams of Movies Anywhere (MA). This position will report to the Manager of Analytics for Movies Anywhere.

Movies Anywhere is a cloud-based digital movie service. This app for iOS, Android, Web, and 10-foot devices (Apple TV, Roku, etc.) enables consumers to discover, purchase and watch movies from participating studios (Disney, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros., Universal) using a single service, regardless of the online retailer used to purchase those movies.

High level summary:

The Business Intelligence Analyst will use customer attributes, purchase transaction data, and event-level data from the Movies Anywhere apps to build dashboards, perform ad-hoc analyses, and generate insights that the product and marketing teams can use to make better business decisions. Members of the analytics team at Movies Anywhere are expected to become experts in how consumers interact with the app and what product and marketing experiences will increase engagement, retention, and lead to increased returns to the participating studios. This role will have significant influence in the direction of the product in the years to come.

Responsibilities :


  • Analyze customer cohorts to design maps of the customer journeys both inside and outside the product
  • Develop a deep understanding of engagement and retention drivers by cohort and provide insight on which product features are most effective in increasing retention and engagement
  • Uncover and recommend product improvement opportunities that would lead to increased purchase behavior (both inside and outside the app)
  • Help define metrics/KPIs for new product features and build automated dashboards that can display those KPIs for internal stakeholders
  • Help ideate and analyze A/B testing experiments to grow the MA user base and increase the number of core and engaged users
  • Build and deliver executive-level presentations to both the internal executive team and members of the participating studios advisory counsel
  • Mentor junior analyst(s), in both technical areas (SQL, Tableau, etc.) and business areas (building and delivering presentations, communicating insights to executives, etc.)
  • Ask and answer the next question(s) after gathering and analyzing the data to make insights more powerful – not just delivering what was asked for!

Basic Qualifications :

What we are looking for:

  • Business acumen – ultimately, the analyses we perform need to lead to insights and business decisions. It’s not enough to be able to “pull data” and create reports and dashboards that others have requested; our team needs to combine product and consumer expertise with a sense of the bigger picture (general business landscape in which MA operates) to help influence and drive marketing and product decisions.
  • Strategic thinking skills – whether these have been developed through a stint as a management consultant, during an MBA program, or through previous work experience, they are a must to be successful in this role. Understanding our partners’ goals as well as how the recent changes in the digital landscape are affecting those goals will make it easier for our team to advance our product initiatives.
  • Powerful SQL skills – almost all of the data we work with is accessible in our Amazon Athena SQL environment. We use JOINs, conditional aggregations (SUM(CASE WHEN), etc.) almost every day to combine data from different sources to understand our users and the performance of product features and marketing campaigns.
  • Communication skills – some of the analyses we do are quite technical, but they need to be communicated to executive teams, both internal to MA and to studio leadership teams. Data and analyses need to be translated into meaningful and actionable insights and recommendations that can be easily understood by executives with limited technical experience.
  • Executive presence - you will be “in the room” for some high-level meetings that determine the future of the product, and you will be expected to provide information or an opinion or recommendation
  • Problem-solving ability – Our stakeholders don’t always know the right question to ask, so we often have to figure out what the real question or desired outcome before conducting an analysis
  • Data visualization skills (Tableau) – Putting together visualizations that update automatically allows our team to only need to do something once, rather than on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This role needs to be able to turn the results of a complicated SQL query into something that a non-technical person can easily understand.

Preferred Qualifications:

What Will Give You a Leg Up:

  • MBA – this is very close to a requirement for the position. Though the technical skills are necessary to hit the ground running, the business/problem-solving/communication skills are more important in the long run for this position.
  • Data manipulation skills using Python/R – sometimes we need to do analyses that SQL/Excel can’t handle, so a nice-to-have is being able to work with data using Python (Pandas) or R.

Required Education :

  • Bachelor Degree 

Preferred Education :

  • MBA or Masters in related field


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